Goddess of Spring

Goddess Summoning (Book 2)

P.C. Cast
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A modern woman meets her match in Hades, the mythical Lord of the Underwold, in this Goddess Summoning novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author P. C. Cast…

Lina's bakery in Tulsa is proving to be less than lucrative-and she needs a plan. When she stumbles upon an Italian Goddess cookbook, Lina can't help but think she's found her answer-even if it means summoning an ancient Goddess…

Soon enough, Lina finds herself face-to-face with the goddess Demeter, who proposes that Lina exchange souls with Persephone, the Goddess of Spring, who'll breathe new life into the bakery. In return, Lina, embodying the lovely Persephone, must bring Spring to a world of spirits. But when the handsome, brooding Hades kindles a spark in her heart, Lina wonders whether this dark Lord of the Underworld is her worst nightmare-or the man of her dreams…


"Did you not have any checks and balances? The reason I pay you to manage the taxes for my business is because I need an expert." She glanced down at the obscene number typed in neat, nononsense black...

About the Author:

Award-winning author P. C. Cast is a dynamic, entertaining orator and an extraordinary teacher. Currently, her realm is in Oklahoma, where she resides with her spoiled cat, Patchy Poo the Pud, and her stubborn Scottie dogs, better known as The…

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