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Liked It

I came to this book with extremely high expectations, given that, I came to it after watching a lot of JBP content on YouTube. Therefore, obviously, it didn't meet my expectations. I assume that was partly because of my excessively high expectations and partly because it felt long-winded (and clearly a lot of other reviewers felt the same). Nonetheless, the book has helped me TREMENDOUSLY (even this would be an understatement, hence the capitalization). If you feel or are often told that your life is a mess, this book is an obvious recommendation. It's a must read and I'd say the principles outlined in the book are pretty much guaranteed to help bring the order into that "mess". However, if you feel or are often told that your life is pretty perfect, then most of this book may seem "obvious stuff". Overall, I'd recommend anyone and everyone to give it a read, because even for those who find these things obvious, it may still be the right reminders, maybe even at the right time!

Liked It

This book helped me understand the importance of clear goal setting and why it will help bridge the gap between success and failure.

Liked It

I liked the idea of starting the day with a favorite activity. It really works.

But there is a lot of unnecessary information in the book. Lots of unnecessary text. The main idea can be stated 3 times shorter.

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