Born a modern-day nomad in the Deep South, Timothy Black wandered through most of the southern United States in an attempt to find his life, love, and home. After studying Geology, Astronomy, and the Occult, he found himself with a degree in Philosophy and a habit of writing odd things. A serial killer of coffee and whiskey sours, he has since found his den in the Pacific Northwest with two raucous bird ladies that peck him when he gets too far out of line. That's a whole lot of beaking.

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Loved It

The tension and strife of a world divided keeps the story roaring forward as the main characters are forced to reevaluate their world and their places in it


Butcher shows the same wonderful storytelling as we've come to expect, with an intricate world where you crave to discover the mystery of what happened to the surface and the ancient peoples.


I loved the alternate history of a Seattle ravaged by the inventions and accidents of a reviled scientist. The writing was gritty and realistic while still giving us monsters

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