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Eliel Sandoval
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Eliel Sandoval's love of writing began in childhood. From an early age, he  created comics, stories and poetry.  Some of his poems were recited during open mic at the art store of Poet’s Passage in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His writing style, vision and way of presenting his stories are unique.  He believes in the spontaneous and artistically free expression rather than the rigidly structured. He also has an avid interest in the occult, symbolism, and the mysterious.

Reviews by Eliel-Sandoval
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Loved It

Very intense Romantic story, between a shy , humble lady and a sadistic highly sexual young man, but the way the story is told and presented let you wanting for more, unique and different in his own genre

Loved It

Romeo and Juliet dreamed about being together for an eternity even if they have to die for their souls to achieve that goal. tragic but glorious, ironic but a truth

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