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David Faber
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My name is David Faber. I lived in two different two states in the US. New York and Hawaii.  

After retiring in Hawaii I got my dream job as a Park Ranger at Hawaii Volcanos National Park. For 4 years I greeted, entertained, and educated visitors about Hawaii’s volcanos through my favorite pastime of telling stories.

The book I have written is my first one fulfilling another dream. I combined my love of history, adventure, and earth science and spun a tale that I hope to make into a series.

I now live in the UK full-time. While here I made a point to travel to places I knew I wanted to include in my book. I have visited most of the places in the story, both here in the UK and in Hawaii because I feel it is important to give my readers as close to a real experience. My goal was to blur the lines between the real world and the one my characters live in.

Even though my story is a modern weaving of the Arthurian legends, they still hold sway in our modern world of storytelling.

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Magic, shapeshifting, dragons, Avalon, what more could a reader want in a merlin story? Everyone wants to find a magical tree growing someplace.

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