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Mr. White is a veteran theatrical director and producer. He directed the world tour of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Coming Out Of Their Shells. He has written several screenplays and Justice Rules is his first novel. --This text refers to an alternate kindle_edition edition.

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Loved It

This is a great read. Thomas White is a great story teller, and I couldn't lie this book down. I love Stephen King, am fascinated by paranormal and love a good plot. This book has it all. Well done!

Loved It

Karen and Hiruni enliven a Groodle:

Part golden retriever and chunky poodle

With glowing personality and curly fur

Playful, artistic, athletic, and affectionate

A great role model for any boy or girl!

Wondrously shown with slobbery tongue

Eating and licking having good, clean fun

Worth a “squillionaire's” entire fortune

Here for just a few bucks, a treasure…

For re-reading endlessly, never done!

Loved It

I discovered this book thru a facebook link and decided to check book reviews on Amazon. It is always suspicious when there is nothing under a 4 star rating -- that's when I count the number of reviewers to discount approx ten family members giving it a 5 (yeah, I admit it, I'm a cynic). This book is outside my usual genre (paranormal, urban fantasy), but its not unusual for me to discover a good book review and read something outside my box.

The book is good-- great if you consider its a first book. I don't agree with many of the Amazon reviews that describe the wonderful character development, but I found something better, in my humble opinion anyway... a fresh plot. And Not just a fresh plot idea, but one that is developed really well over the course of the book. Dialog is snappy through the first few chapters, then calms down (but thankfully doesn't disappear) as the story gains complexity (and you've gotta love the enthusiasm of the computer geeks in the FBI computer lab). The writer has a firm handle on using descriptive language to visually pull you in to the story line.

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