"Writing comes within my soul while the words flow out of me." 

 In the past, Amanda Forry/Fino has been known as an author of romance novels, who has written six books under the pen name Sasha Fino. However, after becoming a Christian, she had to take these books down in order to live according to the new values she now holds dear. Since becoming a Christian Amanda has written The Path To The Church And Disabled Adults as well as rewritten her autobiography in order to reflect her journey to faith and the values. Amanda is a part of the DC Author's Dinner Group that's included some of the most significant bestselling authors of our time.

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A Lifetime Fight - Living with Cerebral Palsy by Amanda Forry/Fino is like the book Spare by Prince Harry. Although Amanda has a disability, Harry is the prince of England. It's a similar journey of a life filled with struggle losing a parent at a young age. Both books tell the story of a journey filled with challenges, including dealing with a disability or being a prince. They also tell the story of the loss of a parent at a young age. Both authors write about how they overcame these challenges in their lives and how they are now living successful and fulfilling lives. Amanda and Harry's stories provide hope and inspiration to anyone who is going through similar struggles. They serve as a reminder that no matter how challenging the situation may seem, it is possible to overcome it and reach success.

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