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Writing the stories about those who were never represented in the gothic literature she consumed as a child is Vivien’s life’s goal—for to pick up a book and see someone like yourself be the hero of their own story is all it takes for others to know that they can be the masters of their own fate, too.

When Vivien isn't writing, she's sewing historical costumes, daydreaming, or tending to her jungle of indoor plants.

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Loved It

Absolutely magnetic. Gibson's writing is lush and dark and lascivious and the religious motifs? Perfection.

Constanta's journey to self-actualization, independence and emancipation from her Lord-Husband that spans over the course of centuries is one that I won't be forgetting anytime soon.

This book is exactly what I wanted from a gothic tale of desire, obsession and control. I would have read 300 more pages of this story very easily; and I will be yearning for something to fill the void this story has left inside me in the meantime.

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