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I was born and currently live in Chicago, Illinois with my mother, father, and two younger identical twin brothers. Since I was ten years old I’ve wanted to write and publish a book, and it was when I was fifteen that I first thought of the Earthen Elements series.

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Loved It

I love the Harry Potter series! J.K. Rowling is truly an amazing author and deserves the popularity that she receives. The character of Harry is somebody that everybody can sympathize with and relate to.

Loved It

I love the entire Dork Diaries series! It’s actually the series that inspired me to write my series as a diary format as opposed to basic chapters. The character of Nikki in the Dork Diaries series is so fun and relatable and I enjoy reading about her adventures that she writes about in her journals. I wanted my character Cheryl to be like that too, even though her life isn’t quite as normal as Nikki’s.

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