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Barbara Toomer grew up a Forest Service brat living in many forest regions throughout the Rocky Mountains. In marriage she settled in Wyoming on the windy plains, a place she’s grown to love. Barbara, a successful research journalist and non-fiction author published under the name Kaye Bailey, is now focused on fiction. She writes stories about the place and way-of-life she treasures. Between paragraphs she enjoys time with her husband, Jim, at their Wyoming home where views are wide and sunsets are transforming. Together they’ve carved out their own little piece of the American West.

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Loved It

A gritty western romance with engaging complex characters in a gorgeous setting and time. This is a story that tugs at the heartstrings, pull for Luke and Faith and believe in the goodness of others. Uplifting and riveting.

Loved It

Like any good characters---like all of us---the people in the Every Breath just want to do the best with what they are given, maybe take a little more and not hurt too many along the way.

Loved It

Robyn Carr hits the high notes with authentic imagery, uniquely human characters, pulse-raising attraction, and well-paced storytelling. Her characters are easy to care about: you give a damn what happens with them. At the final page one feels enriched for having spent time in Virgin River.

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