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Terri L. Doutrich holds many certificates and has attended many schools such as Harrisburg Area Community College, Pennsylvania State University, and Crisis Counseling/Advocacy Clinical where she was assigned to the Emergency Room as a Rape Crisis Advocate. After attending Creative Writing classes at Oxford University she decided to write young adult fiction.

She lives in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania with her family and pets and continues to write, which she loves. She has written many self-help books but admits fiction is her passion. Lilly and Thomas, Throne of Pidl is her debut novel and is the first in a series.

Reviews by Terri-L-Doutrich

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I loved this book as I do all of C.S. Lewis's writing. This book was special as it touched my heart.


Suspense galore. Love this book as others do as well. Harry Potter books are full of fantasy and magic.


Epic fantasy full of magic and surprises. I love the talking hat and "scabbers" who is Ron's pet rat.


I read several versions and each one captivated me. I am so happy to see this type of book available for children.

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