If it matters to those of you who enjoy reading books (as opposed to screens), the variable subject matter that I write & publish falls under the general category of the 3 E’s: Educational, Engaging and Earthy. Ergo, National Parks and Monuments, Archeological (Anasazi) ruins whose scenic icons are scattered throughout the American Southwest, including parts of the West & advocating the Earth Mother given all respects, especially all creatures great & small. There are other topics as well (viz. emperor penguins correlated with the theme of climate change, aviation adventures & misadventures, human history applicable to the Old West, res dogs on the Navajo Reservation, personal escapades based on true circumstances, vivid prose & poetry centered on Nature, and even existential themes.

RK and my feline angel, BAXTER

Flagstaff, AZ


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Comfort food choices can be compatible with Dietary food choices that promote health and nutrition advantages, as well as taste preferences. In my book, all food choices are presented, from meat and dairy entrees to vegetarian and vegan selections. The difference is the theme of "Dietary Decisions" emphasizes the importance of how different types of food entrees either work for or against the environment and, therefore, most food choices do not promote the environment. Only vegetarian and vegan selections abet the environment at all levels, and, in particular, do not destroy farm animals that are destroyed by the billions (annually, globally). Feedlots and waste are entirely ruinous, again, at all environmental levels.

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Res Dogs, my book on stray dogs on the Navajo Reservation are also powerful in their unique way. Hence, they are survivors, or, at least, they never give up until all hope is lost. Ergo, they do not find a home with visitors and eventually succumb to starvation, disease, and death.

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