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I am a writer who does not limit herself to one specific genre. I write by what naturally inspires me at any given time as I am naturally versatile- whether it be self-help, devotional, non fiction or fiction novels of suspense.

One thing I have observed through my writing, and with life in general- as certain others have I am sure, is that people will view things and/or judge within their own perception- viewing through their own personal lenses.

What they may interpret or misinterpret may not at all correspond or have anything to do with what I or another may be expressing, divulging, or projecting.

All of us writers do not use ourselves as examples, yet we may share what we have seen or encountered through others firsthand while also adding to our own experience as a confirmation to what we know is fact or a possibility. - read the rest here:

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Liked It

I saw the movie based on the book and it was a great adaption. The story had depth and was a testament to some individuals who are twisted and tortured inside then express their behavior in life toward others with devious or negative intentions in regard to the people the young girl experienced in foster homes.

Overall the story is a well-worth the time and noteworthy.

Liked It

The Twilight Zone was one of my favorite childhood series. I still love the Twilight Zone. The stories were extremely creative and ingenious.

Liked It

Creepshow was entertaining, creative and a good movie to watch.

There were more than one story to delve into for continuous indulgence.

Liked It

I have not read the entire book. However, what parts I have read were interesting. I found I could relate in general to the supernatural power of experience with God.

Liked It

I was born with Second-Sight so I personally could relate to having preternatural abilities. I found the book of Judith's accounts to be an interesting read.

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