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Hi everybody. My name is Stuart McIntyre and I live in Scotland with my wife and son. From an early age I have always enjoyed reading books from various genres, Crime, Thrillers, Horror, Westerns and Biographies. An interest in Western movies, added to my love of reading, prompted me to attempt to write my own Western novel and so "Cameron of Carson Creek" was born. In addition to "Cameron of Carson Creek" I have now published a further four novels and details of all of my books can be found on this website as well as on Please be ensured that I do not write books for profit. I write books purely for the enjoyment of it and in an effort to give enjoyment to anyone who reads them. If anyone reading this profile is kind enough to read my books, I would be much obliged if you would leave a comment as well as a rating on the Amazon website. I welcome any feedback whatsoever. Thank you fellow readers and authors.

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When writing "Race to the River" I based the storyline loosely on two things. The book "The Bounty Hunters" by Elmore Leonard and the movie "The Scalp Hunters" which starred among others Burt Lancaster, Telly Savalas,, Shelley Winters and Ossie Davis. Although there was a comedic element to the movie, the storyline of a group of white men taking scalps from Indians with the intention of selling them in Mexico prompted me to write something similar. Although "Race to the River" contains few elements of comedy, the movie in particular got me to thinking about what would it have been like if Burt Lancaster's character (Joe Bass) had pursued Telly Savalas' band of scalp hunters to Mexico and this was the basis of my latest novel.


"The Searchers" is one of my favourite all time films which was adapted from Alan Le May's excellently written book. It is the wonderful story of the search for a kidnapped young girl and after reading the book and watching the film I knew I had to write a novel with a similar storyline. "The Stolen Angels" therefore came to fruition. "The Searchers" not only tells of the rescue attempt of the missing girl but also tells of the relationship between Amos Edwards and Martin Pauley, the kidnapped girl's brother and uncle, something I tried to incorporate in "The Stolen Angels". If anyone who has read "The Searchers" enjoyed it, then I hope that you will take time out to give "The Stolen Angels" a read as I am sure that you will enjoy it too, because I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Loved It

"True Grit" by Charles Portis was one of the first Westerns that I ever read, it was also one of my favourites. The plot of bad man killing a good man and then someone who loves the victim getting help to track and take revenge on the perpetrator of the crime is an old one but a tried and trusted storyline. Charles Portis carries this storyline out brilliantly in this timeless novel. The book transferred brilliantly to the cinema screen in the movie of the same name. John Wayne, Kim Darby and Glen Campbell all played the major roles brilliantly. As soon as I read "True Grit" and when I began writing Western novels myself, I knew that I had to write something in the fashion of this magnificent book and so I ended up writing "Friends and Enemies". It may not hold a candle to Charles Portis' masterpiece, but if you enjoyed reading "True Grit" as much as I did, then I suggest you try reading "Friends and Enemies".

Loved It

"The Last Wagon Train" was very much influenced after reading "The Way West" by A.B. Guthrie Jr. This was an excellent book with a fantastic storyline about the interaction of the characters and the adventures and obstacles that the settlers on the wagon train had to overcome on their way to Oregon. The book was made into a fantastic film of the same name which starred Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum and Richard Widmark, Three of my favourite actors in one of my favourite films. Some of the events experienced by the characters in the book assisted me in creating the plotline for "The Last Wagon Train" and I am truly thankful to A.B. Guthrie for bringing to print such a wonderful story and I would recommend anyone who has read "The Way West" and enjoyed it to read "The Last Wagon Train" and hopefully they will find it just as enjoyable.

Liked It

"The Last Ride" by Thomas Eidson was an influence on me when I was writing "The Stolen Angels" . I found it an enthralling book and it was also made into a very good film which starred, among others, Tommy Lee Jones and Val Kilmer. The idea of children being kidnapped can be a very disconcerting subject matter but one that I believed would make a good story. "The Last Ride" was a book that I couldn't put down and made me want to see the film. As soon as I saw the film I knew that I wanted to write a novel about the kidnap of children and so "The Stolen Angels" came to fruition.

Loved It

"Dances with Wolves" was a fabulous book and an equally fabulous film. The characters were so real and the interaction between John Dunbar (a white man) and the American Indians was a big influence on me when I was writing "Cameron of Carson Creek". Although "Cameron of Carson Creek" was my first novel, it is also the longest which emphasis how engrossed I got in it. It just kept on flowing, almost like "Dances with Wolves".

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